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Consumer Questions

  1. How many prebiotic lozenge supposed to be sucked?

6-8 lozenge is enough for everyone, independently on age. Yet, if somebody has voracious appetite and is constantly hungry, this person can instead of cake, ice-cream or apple, suck lozenge.

We know people who suck 20 lozenge per day.

Yet, it does not mean that the result on this person will be 20 times faster or more effective. Effect will be completely the same, but only because of that we will be able to eliminate eating for example, pack of crisps.

Cheaper & Healthier

  1. Can we only eat lozenge without AMINO ACID COMPOSITION?

Of course we can … but question for what purpose take them?

Lozenge help to build up intestine environment. Yet, intestines consist of muscles. If we want them to work properly, intestine walls must be in good muscular condition.

Lozenge and AMINO ACID COMPOSITION are one and they complement each other. Without using AMINO ACID COMPOSITION, there is lack of high-valuable protein and that can cause yo-yo effect.

That is why when we begin our treatment always AMINO ACID COMPOSITION and lozenge need to be taken together. Later, when we shaped our body, we still need to take lozenge, but we can resign from one portion of AMINO ACID COMPOSITION, but at least one portion per day of it should be taken.

  1. If somebody is diagnosed with illness (tumour or chemotherapy), how it would effect on talking your products?

Our products are foodstuff products. They do not treat any illness, but help to obtain balance in our body. Of course during each illness you can apply our food concept products. Because our products are ECO – they do NOT contain any chemicals, non-preservatives, heavy metals, so they do NOT cause any side effects.

If your body thank to our products will obtain balance, it is so intelligence that it will know what to do and how to behave later on. That depends on many factors which are happening in our body. Priority is to track the source of illness, by what it had been caused, to know what to treat …

  1. What is the secret about your products? Is it technology? Besides, there are the same ingredients, prebiotics, vitamins, which can be bought on the market and be applied.

That is correct. All ingredients included to your food and available (sometimes by different name) on market, for example you will find amino acids in apple grain and many others products. Protein from AMINO ACID COMPOSITION can be substitute by good piece of meat in which are amino acids. Problem is in it that, that good piece of meat also contains many different things – ingredient, which unfortunately are not so good for your body (cholesterol, steroids, antibiotics contain in forage, heavy metals… and many more, which harm our body). Moreover, other amino acids available on the market contain unprofitable pollutant. Besides, to deliver such amount of amino acids and vitamins we would need to eat big amounts of meat and vegetables, what not necessary would be good for your body or pocket. That is your choice. Or we buying something cheap but with side effects, or we will spend slightly more, on something healthier and without side effects. SECRET is in it that effect of those products is dual and coherent. They effect on both intestine and muscles.

  1. Why there is no difference in effect if somebody is talking about 20 lozenge per day +3x AMINO ACID COMPOSITION, another person is talking 6-8 lozenge + 2x AMINO ACID COMPOSITION?

Here we do not have illness which needs to be treated. We have illness which source is problem with intestine and muscles. We are not curing illness (because those are not tablets), but we would like to clear intestine and build up musculature of all muscles. That is why lozenge excess is not going to harm you … It is better to take a lozenge rather that cake or crisps… but is does not going to rise effectiveness of therapy.

  1. Is it allowed to drink alcohol with your products?

Of course, you can, but then is that not a waste of money on products? Many people are using our products, because they wish to lose unnecessary kilos, fat and shape their body. With alcohol there are mainly 3 problems:

Where we burn fat? Of course – in muscles. Does alcohol is notalso burn in musculature? – Of course YES! When muscles is burning alcohol – do not burn fat. So if at the evening we will drink half bottle of wine, during all night our body will be burning alcohol instead of fat.

Second problem with alcohol – it is not building up but damaging musculature.

Third problem with it is: When we going to GP, he is applying us an injection, so what he is doing first? HE IS DISINFECTING SKIN BY ALCOHOL. For what purpose? KILL BACTERIAL to prevent infection. If we are drinking alcohol, so what? We are doing completely the same. We kill our good bacterial, which we got in our intestine; moreover, we feed CANDIDA fungus – because alcohol contains sugar. If somebody is an alcoholic, so a person addicted of alcohol. Many researchers classified alcoholism as psychological illness.

We know that an alcoholic NEED to drink. There is something… what orders him to drink… but this order is not coming from his brain! Brain does not know that alcohol is good.

Everyone knows that, but there is something stronger… than this knowledge which we got, something what drag us to this alcohol… What is that? Those are CANDIDA FUNGUS, which influence our hormones, because of that it is coming to such fierce fight. As a consequence of CANDIDA fungus influence biological processes taking place in our body, those funguses can come outside and appear as white coating on your tongue and not nice smell from our mouth. Because of that we constantly have taste or desire for something sweet, alcohol (pure sugar).

Did anybody resist desire of opening package of crisps, talking one and leaving it in field of your view? Did anybody resist? Till you did not open package it is OK, but if somebody will open package it is already gone – particularly we will eat till the last one. Crisps contain taste substances, which cooperate with taste buds on out tongue.

They are covered by CANDIDA fungus… and if those substances will be well received they create temptation, appetite for more and more …

  1. Why while taking your products some people losing weight and others do not??

I do remind that this is not a diet. Slim down is ‘side effect’ during purifying your intestine. Besides, kilos are not important. Centimeters are significant, which we losing in some parts on our body and we gaining on in other places.

Could you imagine such situation that using our products you gaining 2 kilos, simultaneously you will be one size less? Why is that?

Why it is happening – what it is all about?

The reason of it is because we got 2 kilos of muscles mass and muscles are heavier that fat, which those muscles burnt.

If we slim down, so for what reason?? Every day we are standing on a scale and we are observing how many we lost after that particular day of starvation. WEIGHT (MASS) is the most important in this process. But if you are going for shopping, so what question would seller ask you – how much you weight or what size you wear?

When man is looking at woman is he interested how much she weight or he is looking on her shape? What interests him? When you are facing mirror, what is bothering you? Kilograms, skin fold or fat? You need to learn how to think differently – IT IS IMPORTANT HOW WE LOOK not – how much we weight…

  1. Why during your food concept, it is important to limit fruits?

Many people harm their bodies unconsciously, because they are coping bad habits, which they were taught at home, e.g. fruits. Lots people claim that fruits are healthy – they contain vitamins, water and flavonoids, etc … PERFECT!! !!!!

BUT! There are two things which are bad: SUGAR & ACID. So many people eat lots of fruits thinking that they are doing ‘good’ to their body, where reality seems to be different. They are aware and they are talking our products but for them they do not work! Why? Sugar and acid have very negative effect on that system. Acid consists in fruits is so strong that it can destroy metal knifes, which you are using for example to peel apples, orange of other fruits. If you would buy Swiss knife on a leaflet attached to it there is a sign: ‘DO NOT USE WITH FRUITS’ or ‘if you are using knife with fruits, wash it in warm water straight after use’.

There is one more thing … If we are going to eat lots of fruits, and in our intestine there will be lots of Candida fungus, those fungus are able to produce form fruits alcohol of very bad quality, which overload our liver. With time it can even cause necrosis of the liver!!

So you do not have to be an alcoholic to lose your liver …

There is a possibility that our products simply are not going to work, if we are not going to change our eating habits.

  1. Why your products are so expensive?

It depends with what they are compared to. Our products really work and they have profitable price, according to quality and product ingredient.

Your will not be able to find similar products to ours. They are unique according to quality and effectiveness.

  1. Does during your food concept are there any side effects?

Side effects are only positive: good appearance, better sleep, better body shape etc. But seriously … At the beginning there could be symptoms of detoxification and body purifying. That is completely simple an even recommend. Bloat, skin problems will be rising during first 2-3 weeks of being on our food concept. However, after that time they will stop, because our body will purify itself.

  1. Can children also be on this food concept?

OF COURSE!! Pregnant women, breast feeding women and children from 1 year old (above 1 year old, because before that age they did not learn to suck lozenge yet).

There are NONE contradictions for anyone. Products are safe in 100%.

  1. Besides taking your products, can we also eat something else?

YES!! Main meal has to be rich in carbohydrate, so include potatoes, wholegrain bread, whole-meal rice, and lots of vegetables.