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Swiss-German products are in 100% natural and they do not contain any contraindication and side effects. They may be taken by pregnant woman, breast feeding women and children from 1 year old.

They do not contain sugar, casein, heavy metals, doping substances, preservatives and GMO.

AMINO ACID COMPOSITIONcontains the best amino acids, which need to de deliver to human body  (both, indispensable and essential amino acids).

Amino acids consist in ‘body shape’ are possess during very complicated ultrafiltration process on molecular strainers beneath very high pressure.

Human body produce about 1,5 billion cells per day. Those cells need to come into existence and after that be fed, by food, precisely by AMINO ACIDS, which are coming from this what we are eating. From this amino acids PROTEINS are created, of which our muscles, skin, hair and all interior organs are build.

Our body gain food from us which provides it with everything essential for normal development. Unfortunately, that is more and more badly quality and incomplete. That is why without proper feeding – different illnesses and lack of immunity appear.

Constituent delivered with food; unfortunately they do not suit code parameters. Nutritional value, which used to be in food – nowadays simply do not occur in nature.

Because of that we condemn ourselves to take responsibility, care and common sense to deliver to our body this which nowadays is not provided in food.

That is why to provide the right constituent to our body – (so amino acids), we do have product called AMINO ACID COMPOSITION.


Amino acids and vitamins which are delivered via AMINO ACID COMPOSITION will not function well if our intestine will not absorb those amino acids. Whole body will function properly only if this what we deliver to it will be well absorb via intestine.

Yet, intestine will only work properly, if inside of them there will be the right amount and right proportion of bacteria. Because of substances which we are providing to our body, they are fragmented and thank to intestinal villi food is transported deeper in our bodies.

Here our second product appear – PREBIOTIC IN LOZENGE FORM, which job is to absorb by our bodies this what is the best – that is like food for our good bacterial.

Scholar Marcus Pelleter solve this in brilliant way, problem how to rid of Candida albicans fungus from our bodies.

Lozenge (prebiotic) to suck, that is nothing else as “brush to clean our intestine” – and food for our good Bifidobacterium in our body.

This “brush” is built of apple, pineapple, orange and wheat micro-fibre, where with combination of water gives – perfect “vacuum cleaner” to ‘sweep away’ all intestines “rubbish” together with survival fungus, which can even hide in our bodies up to 3 years !! !!

When intestines are clear, with above ingredients, it develops prebiotic substrate for our Bifidobacterium, which multiply very quickly.

If Candida albicans will find us in such substrate, or any other bad bacterial – they are dying, they even cannot start their cycle.

Human becomes resistant to the Candida albicans excess!