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 Effects of being on our food concept

  1. Our intestine are fixed and sealed

Amino acids, vitamins and rest nutritious substances provided with AMINO ACID COMPOSITION build intestine musculature, thank to that the peristalsis and perforation of intestine walls has been fixed, moreover, degradation of the base, caused by Candida fungus. DE-ACIDIFIED BODY – LOWER RISK OF CANCER (cancer is developing in acid environment), all parasites and pathogens die out.

  1. Riding off excess of Candida albicans fungus.

Prebiotics ground – medium for our good bacterial bifido, make their multiplying. Bacterial flora is changing – it blocks Candida albicans fungus to multiplying.

  1. Losing weight

When we got less fungus, toxins, then our body is not sending such amounts of water to neutralized toxin and we ‘losing weight’ very fast, that means that we are getting rid of toxic water. Besides, that (thank to amino acids) we are building muscles tissue and then fat without yo-yo effect. Lose of body mass can be stable (individually of person), because lighter fat is changed on heavier muscles, but visually – very easy to spot. We are losing – individually on person, average 2-3 sizes. Please remember those are not slim down preparation. That is side effect of our food concept, which purpose is to balance whole body.

  1. Optically

Difference is easy to notice, body is tone, and cellulite disappears, skin becoming soft and supple, no sign of swollen eyes.

  1. Appetite and Excessive hunger

They are going away. We are eating half less. Appear natural indifference on sweets, alcohol or eating meantime meals.

  1. Physical condition

Significant improvement, huge amount of energy, better concentration, we sleep well! There is definitely faster body regeneration after physical exercises.

  1. Health

Fixed metabolism, rehabilitate balance of intestine bacterial flora, and better body nourish, good digestive, higher immunity, whole body gains balance.

  1. Another consequences of using Swiss-German food concept … There is high chance to rid of:

Diabetes, allergy, headache, painful periods, back pain, there is regeneration of heart muscles, regulates artery pressure, regenerates all sphincters in body (for example, no holding urine, sphincter of eyeball), stop snoring, reflux is gone, heartburn disappears, atopic skin infection… and many more illnesses, which are classified by doctors of modern medicine as incurably illnesses and write forever in patient life.


Remember that this not a gold remedy for EVERYTHNIG. Each of us got different body and in different way, with weird time, we are working on that what we got in our intestines and muscles…

That is why each of us in his different and individual time got the opportunity to obtain body balance. One person would need 3-4 months, another from 10 up to 12 months …