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Cellulitis | Candida

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Cellulitis is a combination of toxins, water and fat.

It is a cosmetic problem, which is wrongly eliminated by beautician and such called “cellulitis experts” who treat it from outside, by ‘fantastic’ creams or massages…

Truth about Cellulitis is that, that it is created in intestines. Here Cellulitis got its roots.

How Cellulitis come into existence?

Food is process in intestine. Candida albicans, is responsible for converting monosaccharides (single sugars), and in effect of their basal metabolism are inter alia toxins.

Next, those toxins are going by intestines walls to the blood circulation system.

If there are not lots of fungus and toxins, our body is able to fight with them by itself.

But if there is a hypertrophy of the Candida albicans, as a consequence of it is a big amount of toxins, first which are neutralized by water, and then deposit with fat in human body – in women body usually in their thigh and in men body on their stomach fold. On such location there are not harmful to the rest of the human body.

How to effectively eliminate cellulitis from our body?

Healthy intestine (lack of toxin production) thanks to our dual food concept:

  1. Prebiotic (in lozenge form) and AMINO ACID COMPOSITION (amino acids + vitamins in powder form)

  2. Breaking water, toxin and fat connection- by body milk – BODY LIOTON.

Liquid substances contain in tonic (active liposomes) causing breaking dwon toxins, water and fat connections, which are getting separately to the blood circulation system. Blood transports toxins and fat to the muscles, where they are burn and water is removed from body along with urine.

Changes will be perceptible and visible after few months’ treatment of this dual concept.