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Candida | Jak mądrze można zadbać o JELITA – korzenie naszego życia

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Food Concept, which changes quality of your life

Food Concept, which is changing quality of your life. Food Concept, which we are recommending has been created by German scientist of sport medicine Marcus Pelleter, who is also the owner of the company and patents for these products.

As a result of 7 years of research in Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Mein, Marcus carried number of research according to food concept and causes of falling on diabetes type 2, fungal infections, and other dysfunctions of the human body, which are caused by metabolic system.

As a consequence, the theory says that:


If they do not work properly- whole body is ill, that cause most of the civilization illnesses (diabetes type 2, hypertension, obesity, fungal infections, allergies etc.).

Marcus Pelleter created food concept, mainly for such purposes as:

“Reparing” our Intestines- purifying from CANDIDA albicans fungus, by which absorption of nutrients into our body is improved and …

Regeneration of all muscles in our body, which allows to improve your health, till full recovery, in case of illnesses caused by metabolic system.

If we “repair” those two factors of human body, we will bring it to balance, our body is so intelligent, that he will know how to deal with all ailments.